Sadeem Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

About the Camp

Sadeem Bootcamp for Entrepreneurship Empowerment in STEM Fields is an intensive training initiative implemented by the Roaya for Astronomy and Space Applications Foundation and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Libya.

This project aims to empower Libyan youth who have innovative ideas or entrepreneurial projects in STEM fields by providing appropriate training, resources, and guidance.

The primary focus of the project is to enhance the entrepreneurial environment in Libya, with the goal of creating a sustainable system that supports the development of entrepreneurial initiatives in these fields.

How to Apply

Click on the link to the form available on the website

Fill out and submit the form after specifying your entrepreneurial project or idea in STEM fields.

Wait for acceptance confirmation for training two weeks after the application deadline

Sadeem Camp for Entrepreneurship Support in STEM Fields

The camp is named “Sadeem” (in English Nebula) to signify a cosmic incubator where stars are born. It represents a cosmic cloud providing the materials and conditions necessary for star birth. Similarly, our project will serve as the Sadeem supporting young people and university students graduating from STEM fields to embark on their journey in entrepreneurship


Training Days


20 Libyan Youth


+30 Hours of Training


Applicants must be current university students or recent graduates, residing in one of the cities in Eastern or Southern Libya.

Applicants must specialize in one of the fields of science, engineering, technology, or mathematics.

No, the project idea must be specific and clear.

For the first stage, the Eastern and Southern regions

Roaya Foundation will cover all expenses including travel, accommodation, and meals for trainees during the training days

Through participation in the project, participants will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in STEM fields and entrepreneurship. Participants will receive intensive training and guidance from experts in the field, which will contribute to improving their ideas and projects. The project may expand the professional network of participants through interaction with their peers and other stakeholders in the STEM field. Additionally, participation in the project may provide an opportunity for participants to transform their creative ideas into successful business projects in the future

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